Video Marketing Services

Our Video Marketing consultants are readily equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skill set needed to carry your videos on an upward trajectory through video ads and video ranking. We would like to offer you a gift. Click below to download our video marketing guide. It’s FREE and it could change your business forever.
Video also increases your search engine ranking and greatly improves your brand awareness online, making it an invaluable part of any content marketing strategy. Oftentimes we hear that manufacturers win a new customer after a facility tour. Video exhibits your culture, facility, personality and intangibles that your prospects are looking for. You’re likely to win more business with video.

Social Media

Social media is a big part of our video marketing strategies. We will create custom video campaigns on both Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. All of these avenues may not work for everyone, but our testing will help us come to a legit conclusion

YouTube Video Ads

There is nothing like paying 8 cents to play in front of your competitors YouTube videos. With our VIDEO MARKETING SERVICES we are able to hand pick the YouTube videos that would would like to run ads on. You know those 30 second YouTube ads that show up before a YouTube video. We can strategically place your video so you get results.

Finding The Right Audience

Once you have the right message and your ads are to start, we spend time creating your ideal target audience. We need to know who we want to market to before we start spending marketing dollars. It makes sense, but most companies skip this step.

YouTube Channel Research

Our VIDEO MARKETING team will take a look at your YouTube channel and make sure you have the necessary information. A lot of business have not optimized their YouTube channel. Marketing Hy will make sure you have a cover image, an icon image, website links, and social media links. It’s simple, but most forget to do it.